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Dermalogica Clean Start

Now is the best time of your life to start a healthy skin regimen.  And by regimen, we mean getting clean, taking on issues, and protecting skin for a great-looking, healthy future.

Getting Clean:

Wash Off – Lather up and rid dead skin cells, oils and build-up from skin, leaving a clean surface.

All Over Clear – Spritz on breakout and oil regulators for a clear face, chest or wherever.

Taking on Issues:

Ready, Set, Scrub!  Purifying clays soak up excess oils, while Silica granules smooth away dead cells.

Bedtime for Breakouts:  Works overnight to help unclog impactions and prevent breakouts, while soothing redness.

Hit the Spot:  Stops breakout-causing bacteria spot-on, purifying skin and reducing redness.

Protecting Skin:

Welcome Matte spf15 – Oil controllers help minimize shine, while helping skin clear and protected.

Brighten Up spf15 – A lightweight shimmer that hydrates as it defends against skin-aging daylight.

Smart Mouth Lip Shine – Suppies the perfect amount of shine without stickiness.


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